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Oil-based mud non-landing system

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The oil-based waste slurry treatment system (oil-based mud non-landing system) designed and manufactured by Ai Machinery is simple in structure, easy to maintain, and has a good treatment effect. It is a leader in environmentally-friendly treatment of drilling waste mud. At present, the number of wellheads using oil-based drilling fluids is increasing in China, and more and more oil-based drilling fluids are discarded. It is imperative to dispose of the waste oil-based muds in a timely and harmless manner.
Ai's oil-based waste slurry treatment system (oil-based mud non-landing system) treatment process: the drilling fluid mud to be processed is transferred to the cuttings dryer (rock cuttings dryer, rock cuttings dryer, drilling cuttings dryer) ), The treated drilling fluid mud is sent to the drilling fluid centrifuge for further processing, and the mud liquid processed by the drilling fluid centrifuge is reinjected into the mud circulation system. The processed waste is transported to the cuttings box.
Equipment of oil-based mud non-landing (waste slurry treatment) system includes: high-speed drilling fluid centrifuge (with screw pump), drill cutting dryer (also known as cuttings dryer, cuttings dryer, cuttings dryer) , Dosing device, screw conveyor, cuttings box.

Parameters of oil-based mud treatment:
Device name Drill cuttings dryer High-speed centrifuge Screw pump Dosing device Screw conveyor Cuttings tank
model APVCD-900 GLW355-1257 G50-2
Quantity 1 1 2 1 set Several Several
Configure according to site conditions Configure according to site conditions
Mud does not fall

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