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Price, Manufacturer: Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen

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  • 钻井液用振动筛筛网

    Vibrating screen for drilling fluid

    Release time: 2015/11/27 manufacturers, price: drilling fluid shaker screen

    Ai Yi produces shaker screens for drilling fluids in almost all drilling industries. Whether in the petroleum solid control industry or non-excavation mud treatment, whether it is a linear drilling fluid vibrating screen, or a translational elliptical drilling fluid vibrating screen, whether it is a flat screen or a wave screen, Ai Yi can give you Satisfactory quality ...

  • 公司生产的固控设备准备发货

    The company's solid control equipment is ready to be shipped

    Release time: 2015/10/29 manufacturers, price: dry shaker mud gun drilling fluid shaker screen

    Recently, a batch of solid control equipment customized by our customers has been completed and ready for delivery. The customer-customized equipment this time includes high-frequency mud drying screens for mud floor-less systems, mud guns for cleaning dead corners of mud tanks, and screens that are interchangeable with shakers such as DERRICK and SWACO. high...

  • 串联钻井液振动筛系统设计因素总结

    Summary of design factors for tandem drilling fluid shaker system design

    Release time: 2015/10/27 manufacturers, price: shaker screen mud mud shaker drilling fluid shaker drilling fluid shaker screen

    In the previous section, we introduced three basic design factors for tandem drilling fluid vibrating screens: independent equipment separated from each other, combined equipment of multiple vibration forms, and combined equipment of single vibration form. Today Ai Machinery will tell you one by one. 1. Independent equipment separated from each other: The independent equipment separated from each other is the well site ...