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  • AIPU 成功研制Hunter-C4新型泥浆振动筛

    AIPU successfully develops Hunter-C4 new mud shaker

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: vibrating screen mesh screen drilling fluid vibration screen

    Innovation is the driving force behind the continuous development and growth of enterprises, and Ai has always followed this criterion. Hunter series mud shaker is the main product of Aiyi. Following the successful development of the Hunter-D3B drilling fluid shaker, Aiyi's technical department has successfully developed a new type of Hunter-C4 mud shaker, and has achieved a good impact at the exhibition ...

  • 钻井液振动筛筛网设计-艾潽科普

    Drilling fluid vibrating screen design

    Release time: 2015/10/26 manufacturers, price: screen mesh drilling fluid shaker

    The installation of hook-side screens can be up-hanging or down-hanging. In the past, the screens of oilfield drilling fluid vibrating screens were mostly down-hanging, or moved back and forth against a group of support rods? (Figure 7.15). These support rods divert the drilling fluid flowing on the sieve surface, but this method occasionally comes out during field tests ...