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  • 砂泵共振产生的原因和解决办法

    Causes and solutions of sand pump resonance

    Release time: 2016/05/14 manufacturers, price: sand pump

    When the speed of the high-speed centrifugal sand pump is greater than twice the first critical speed, the pump rotor may generate vibration problems at sub-harmonic frequencies, such as 1/2 speed and first critical speed. These problems are due to the instability mechanism in the bearing film, the after-effects in the rotor mechanical structure, or the aerodynamic aspects ...

  • 为国外客户的定制的钻井液砂泵

    Customized drilling fluid sand pumps for foreign customers

    Release time: 2015/11/20 manufacturers, price: mud sand pump sand pump drilling fluid sand pump

    Customized drilling fluid sand pumps by foreign customers have been shipped. This product uses the double electrode motor of China Shipbuilding Industry. The advantage of this motor is that it has two different electrode frequency bands and can be used in a variety of voltage environments. And it can be freely changed, and it can also strengthen the protection of the circuit, followed by drilling fluid ...

  • 钻井液泥浆砂泵的四个要点

    Four points of drilling fluid mud sand pump

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: mud sand pump

    Mud sand pump is used for conveying mud. It can be used as the feed pump for the sand remover and desilter of the two or three-level solid control equipment, or the mud sand pump of the jet mixing device. It can also be used as a perfusion pump for drilling rig mud sand pumps. The centrifugal mud pump should be selected in accordance with the conveying liquid, and check the required performance, analyze the suction, discharge ...