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  • 客户考察河道泥浆清淤泥浆净化系统

    Customer inspects river mud desilting mud purification system

    Release time: 2016/07/01 manufacturers, prices: sand purification system, mud purification system, sand pump

    The customer went to our company (Aiyi Machinery) to inspect the river channel silt purification system. The river dredging mud purification system developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, stable operation and simple maintenance. The river dredging mud purification system is mainly composed of purification equipment (integrated sand and mud removal machine), conveying equipment ...

  • 砂泵共振产生的原因和解决办法

    Causes and solutions of sand pump resonance

    Release time: 2016/05/14 manufacturers, price: sand pump

    When the speed of the high-speed centrifugal sand pump is greater than twice the first critical speed, the pump rotor may generate vibration problems at sub-harmonic frequencies, such as 1/2 speed and the first critical speed. These problems are due to the instability mechanism in the bearing film, the after-effects in the rotor mechanical structure, or the aerodynamic aspects ...

  • 为国外客户的定制的钻井液砂泵

    Customized drilling fluid sand pumps for foreign customers

    Release time: 2015/11/20 manufacturers, price: mud sand pump sand pump drilling fluid sand pump

    Customized drilling fluid sand pumps by foreign customers have been shipped. This product uses the double electrode motor of China Shipbuilding Industry. The advantage of this motor is that it has two different electrode frequency bands and can be used in a variety of voltage environments. And it can be freely changed, and it can also strengthen the protection of the circuit, followed by drilling fluid ...

  • 砂泵

    Sand pump

    Release time: 2015/10/15 manufacturers, price: sand pump supply pump metering pump drilling fluid sand pump

    Sand pump is also a kind of centrifugal pump. We all know that sand pumps play an important role in the mud solid control system of drilling platforms. It supplies slurry to the sand remover, desilter, powers the mixing equipment, etc. Aipu sand pump includes vertical sand pump and horizontal sand pump. The advantages of Aipu horizontal sand pump are: 1. Sand pump seal ...

  • 用于50DB钻机的固控设备即将发货

    Solid Control Equipment for 50DB Rigs Coming Soon

    Release time: 2015/10/29 manufacturers, price: mud pump sand pump drilling fluid shaker

    This time, our company has completed the production of solid control equipment for 50DB drilling rigs, ready to be shipped at any time. The main equipment to be shipped this time includes: 2 drilling fluid shakers, 6 mud agitators, and 4 sand pumps. Drilling fluid shakers, sand pumps, and mud mixers produced by Ai Machinery can be based on customer site requirements. .

  • 艾潽生产的砂泵即将发往中东

    Sand pumps manufactured by Aiyi are about to be shipped to the Middle East

    Release time: 2015/10/29 manufacturers, price: sand pump

    This time the Middle East customer's customized sand pump in our company is also finished and will be shipped soon. The custom-made sand pump is required to have an electric control part. The final installation and commissioning is now underway and it is ready to be shipped. Ai Yi is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment, with efficient production capacity. Welcome customers to come to guide ...

  • 客户定制的固控设备已发货

    Customer-defined solid control equipment has been shipped

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: sand pump drilling fluid desilter desilter

    The customer's customized desilter, drilling fluid sand remover and sand pump are ready for shipment. Our company specializes in the production of mud solid control equipment. Welcome to consult: 029-63161978

  • 钻井液泥浆砂泵的四个要点

    Four points of drilling fluid mud sand pump

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: mud sand pump

    Mud sand pump is used for conveying mud. It can be used as the feed pump for the sand remover and desilter of the two or three-level solid control equipment, or the mud sand pump of the jet mixing device. It can also be used as a perfusion pump for drilling rig mud sand pumps. The centrifugal mud pump should be selected in accordance with the conveying liquid, and check the required performance, analyze the suction, discharge ...

  • 立式砂泵的失效与解决办法

    Failure and solution of vertical sand pump

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: sand pump vertical sand pump

    The vertical sand pump submerged the pump casing directly into the drilling fluid, completely solving the problem of sealing and leakage of the horizontal sand pump. However, because the length of the pump shaft of the vertical sand pump is greatly increased, in order to ensure the stability of the impeller operation, a centering sleeve must be installed near the impeller. The working environment of the centering sleeve is located in sand-containing drilling fluid, which is resistant to ...

  • 串联钻井液振动筛技术优点

    Technical advantages of tandem drilling fluid shaker

    Release time: 2015/10/26 manufacturers, price: hydraulic cyclone sand pump drilling fluid shaker

    The solid phase processed by drilling fluid vibrating screen, sand pump, hydrocyclone, drill nozzle, etc. is easy to repeatedly grind, which causes very fine solid particles to enter the drilling fluid, which increases the difficulty of solid control. In order to remove the solid phase as quickly as possible, before the finest mesh shaker, other shakers must be installed to partially drill the drilling fluid ...

  • 固控系统的整体布局

    Overall layout of the solid control system

    Release time: 2015/10/26 manufacturers, price: solid control system, solid control equipment, vacuum deaerator, sand pump, drilling fluid, shaker, drilling fluid, centrifuge , drilling fluid, desilter, drilling fluid, sand remover

    The overall layout of the solid control system is worthy of careful study. Because the performance and cleaning tasks of each device are fixed, they cannot replace each other, and the order cannot be reversed. The general layout and sequence of processes are shaker, deaerator, sand remover, desilter, centrifuge. Drilling fluid shaker ...