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  • 泥浆枪

    Mud gun

    Release time: 2015/10/21 manufacturers, price: mud gun drilling fluid gun

    The NJQ series mud gun is mainly used to prevent the sedimentation of mud in the drilling mud tank, and is a special tool for tank bottom washing. There are three types of low-pressure mud gun, medium-pressure mud gun and high-pressure mud gun. The device has a simple structure, flexible operation and convenient use. ...

  • 公司生产的固控设备准备发货

    The company's solid control equipment is ready to be shipped

    Release time: 2015/10/29 manufacturers, price: dry shaker mud gun drilling fluid shaker screen

    Recently, a batch of solid control equipment customized by our customers has been completed and ready for delivery. The customer-customized equipment this time includes high-frequency mud drying screens for mud floor-less systems, mud guns for cleaning dead ends of mud tanks, and screens that are interchangeable with shakers such as DERRICK and SWACO. high...