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  • 泥浆罐

    Mud tank

    Release time: 2015/10/21 manufacturers, price: solid control equipment mud tank tank supply tank metering tank drilling fluid tank

    Mud tank is the equipment that carries mud in the solid control system. The mud tank produced by Aiyi is highly resistant to corrosion and has a strong structure.

  • 下灰罐,立式钻井灰罐,立式加灰储罐

    Lower ash tank, vertical drilling ash tank, vertical ash storage tank

    Release time: 2016/04/26 manufacturers, price: tank drilling ash tank

    Vertical ash storage tanks (lower ash tanks, vertical drilling ash tanks) are pneumatically conveyed, that is, with the help of fluidized devices, compressed air is used as the power to make compressed air pass through the gasification bed to transfer the ash in the storage tank Gradually become fluidized, the fluidized ash enters the tank through the ash inlet, and then is controlled by the dish valve through the ash outlet ...