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  • 钻井液振动筛与泥浆清洁器准备发货

    Drilling fluid shaker and mud cleaner ready for shipment

    Release time: 2016/08/23 manufacturers, price: drilling fluid shaker for mud cleaner

    After a month of hard work, our company has completed the production of drilling fluid shakers and mud cleaners required by customers. Ready to ship the customer-made drilling fluid shaker model is Hunter-MG4, installed with 4 pieces of composite frame screen, the fast tensioning method of the screen has been approved by the user, the use process ...

  • 钻井液泥浆清洁器发货

    Delivery of drilling fluid mud cleaner

    Release time: 2016/05/18 manufacturers, price: mud cleaner, drilling fluid cleaner

    The two mud cleaners ordered by domestic customers have been commissioned and are ready to be shipped. Mud cleaner is a solid control equipment for drilling. It combines the sand remover, desilter and underflow sieve together to achieve the purpose of less land occupation and high energy efficiency. The mud cleaner is mainly composed of a cyclone (now more than polyurethane cyclone ...

  • 泥浆清洁器发往国外

    Mud cleaners sent abroad

    Release time: 2016/01/14 manufacturers, price: solid control equipment mud cleaner drilling fluid cleaner

    Two Hunter-320 mud cleaners for foreign customers have been produced and ready for shipment. Hunter-320 Mud Cleaner is a solid control equipment specially produced by Ai Machinery for ZJ50 solid control system. The main feature of the Hunter-320 mud cleaner is its large capacity, with an hourly ...

  • 泥浆清洁器

    Mud cleaner

    Release time: 2015/10/08 manufacturers, price: solid control equipment mud cleaner drilling fluid cleaner

    The Hunter series mud cleaner is also called drilling fluid cleaner, which combines the shaker, sand remover and mud remover into one. The mud cleaner produced by Aiyi Machinery can effectively remove solid particles in drilling fluid mud.

  • 艾潽机械参加第十五届CIPP(北京)石油展

    Aiyi Machinery participated in the 15th CIPP (Beijing) Petroleum Exhibition

    Release time: 2015/10/29 manufacturers, price: mud cleaner drilling fluid centrifuge drill cuttings dryer

    Ai Yi is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment for mud. Our company has long produced solid control equipment and equipment that do not drop mud: drilling fluid shaker, drilling fluid centrifuge, mud cleaner, mud remover, sand remover, sand pump , Water-based mud treatment and oil-based mud treatment (drill cuttings dryer, mud drying screen, drill cuttings ...

  • 艾潽机械在(东营)石油装备与技术展会取得很大的赞誉

    Aiyi Machinery got great praise at the (Dongying) Petroleum Equipment and Technology Exhibition

    Release time: 2015/10/28 manufacturers, price: mud cleaner drilling fluid shaker

    During the company's participation in the 7th (Dongying) Petroleum Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2014.09.17-09.19, Chinese and foreign customers and friends came to our booth to visit and guide them to understand our products and their evaluation of our company High, enhance our company's influence in the industry! The exhibition of Aiyi Machinery ...

  • 旋流器的流速分解

    Cyclone velocity decomposition

    Release time: 2015/10/26 manufacturers, price: cyclone mud cleaner desilter sand remover

    Cyclone is an important part of desilter, sand remover and mud cleaner. The velocity at any point in the cyclone can be decomposed into three partial velocities, namely tangential velocity, radial velocity, and axial velocity. Tangential speed: the horizontal swirling surface below the lower edge of the overflow pipe, the static pressure head is reduced from the periphery to the center, and ...