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Drilling fluid shaker, mud shaker

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The working principle of drilling fluid vibrating screen: The exciting force generated by the vibration motor drives the screen bed to perform linear, circular, elliptical or translational elliptical motion. The screen will play the role of filtering and sieving. Large particles such as drill cuttings will be screened out. The clean mud with fine particles will fall to the vibrating screen and wait for the next level of processing. The separated large solid particles (usually above 74 microns) are transported outside the sieve bed under the excitation force and discharged to the outside of the tank.
Application scope of drilling fluid shaker:
In primary and secondary oil and gas drilling, coalbed methane excavation, non-excavation directional crossing, piling engineering, waste water, mud treatment and other projects, primary or secondary or tertiary solid control treatment of mud and liquid to be treated. In short, it is suitable for the primary treatment of mud and solid-liquid mixtures in various environments.
Factors affecting the performance of drilling fluid shaker:
Drilling depth, drilling fluid performance, land environment, comprehensive drilling environment / condition, selection of screens, comprehensive performance of objects to be treated, etc.
Structural components of mud drilling fluid shaker:
It mainly includes base, frame, screen bed, logging tank, excitation beam, excitation motor, control cabinet, screen box angle adjustment device, screen, fixed screen device, etc.
Installation instructions of mud shaker:
Drilling fluid shakers are usually installed on the first mud tank . There will be positioning blocks at the location to help users confirm the location and distance. There will also be a screen-sized opening on the top of the tank where the vibrating screen bin is located to receive the processed clean mud. The mud tank should be placed on a flat and clean ground to minimize the impact of the external environment on the performance of the shaker. In the process of transportation or transfer, it is not suitable to install the screen on the screen box to avoid collision and other damage to the screen and affect the use. The transportation locking device must always be tightly closed. Before installation and use, remove the transportation locking device to ensure the normal operation of the vibrating screen. During the installation process, you must read the installation manual and follow the corresponding constraints to complete the installation.
Safe operation of drilling fluid mud shaker:
It must be determined that the transport locking device is removed before use. The equipment cannot be repaired, moved, or even disassembled during the use of the vibrating screen. Follow the safe operation instructions and warning signs given on the equipment to operate and maintain the equipment.
Maintenance of mud drilling fluid shaker:
The motor should be regularly and reasonably maintained according to the safety warning of the vibration motor, such as filling with lubricant;
In the process of use, it is necessary to make careful observation and inspection of the condition of the screen. Repair or replace broken screens and completely damaged screens in a timely manner;
After each stop of use, the necessary cleaning of the vibrating screen and the screen should be done so that the screen can have a longer life;
Check and maintain the overall condition of the vibrating screen in a regular and planned manner, so as to achieve the best use of the vibrating screen.
Precautions for drilling fluid mud shaker:
During the use of the vibrating screen, the phenomenon of running pulp or screen blocking may occur. At this time, we need to adjust the screen box angle, but it should not be raised or lowered excessively. In addition, observe and monitor in time to ensure that the selected screen is suitable for the mud at a certain stage. When the vibrating screen does not move according to a predetermined trajectory, there may be a problem with the vibration motor circuit. For example, if a single motor is running, or the installation direction is wrong, you should disconnect the source and check the motor or line to restore the normal mud drilling fluid shaker parameters:

D type mud shaker parameters

model Hunter-D3 Hunter-D4 Hunter-D3B
Vibration mode straight line straight line Translation ellipse
Motor Power 1.72 Kw × 2 1.94 Kw × 2 1.94 Kw × 1 + 1.0 Kw × 1
Excitation strength 6G 6.5G 6.5G
amplitude 5 ~ 6 mm
Throughput 120 m3 / H 140 m3 / H 140 m3 / H
Screen box angle adjustment -1 ° ~ 5 °
Electric system 380V / 50Hz, 460V / 60Hz, or customized
Screen 720 × 1050mm × 3p 720 × 1050mm × 4p 720 × 1050mm × 3p
noise > 85db
weight 1600 Kg 1800 Kg 2000 Kg
size 2800 × 1600 × 1500mm 3500 × 1600 × 1500mm 2800 × 1650 × 1500mm
Remark Double and triple mud shakers can be customized

Parameters of M-type mud shaker

model Hunter-M2 Hunter-M3
Vibration mode Linear vibration
Motor Power 1.3 Kw × 2 1.72 Kw × 2
Excitation strength 5G > 6G
amplitude 5 ~ 6mm
Throughput 60 m3 / H > 140 m3 / H
Screen box adjustment angle -1 ° ~ 5 ° > -1 ° ~ 5 °
Electric system 380v 50Hz, 420v 60Hz
Screen size 760mm × 1100mm × 2p > 760mm × 1100mm × 3p
noise < 85db
weight 1400kg 1600kg
size 2000 × 1650 × 1500mm 2850 × 1650 × 1500mm
Remark Double and triple shakers can be customized

Technical parameters of C-type drilling shaker

model Hunter-C3 Hunter-C4
Vibration mode Linear vibration
Shaker motor power 1.72 Kw × 2 1.92 Kw × 2
Excitation strength > 6G > 6.5G
amplitude 5 ~ 6mm
Throughput > 120 m3 / H > 150 m3 / H
Screen box adjustment angle -1 ° ~ 5 ° > -1 ° ~ 5 °
Electric shaker 380v 50Hz, 420v 60Hz
Shaker screen size 630mm × 1250mm × 3p > 630mm × 1250mm × 4p
noise < 85db
Shaker weight 1700kg 2200kg
size 2300 × 1700 × 1400mm 3100 × 1750 × 1500mm
Remark Double and triple vibrating screens can be customized

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