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Liquid-gas separator

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The liquid-gas separator can separate the land and offshore oil field wells into three phases of oil, gas and water. The size of the container depends on the process requirements. Liquid-gas separators are generally used with ignition devices . In order to separate the fluid in the production well into oil, water and gas phase, two-phase or three-phase separators or other special oil and gas processing equipment can be selected. Aiyi Machinery can provide a variety of multi-phase separators suitable for special working conditions and special operating sites to ensure the effective separation of various inlet well flows into suitable logistics for further processing. The three-phase separator produced by Aiyi Machinery is equipped with special inlet devices, inlet baffles, coalescers, and swirl separators at the entrance to reduce disturbances and help separation. The kinetic energy of the crude fluid is absorbed at the inlet, releasing gas. In the oil-water settling section, the liquid is separated and settled from the crude oil under the conditions of proper settling time. The impact force of the inlet fluid is dissipated by the split control baffle, which improves the stability of the crude oil when it enters the next stage of processing. The liquid level or oil-water interface of the separator is controlled by the oil collecting tank and the oil-water interface controller. The separated oil phase can be discharged from the device through two or more isolation chambers, the water phase can be discharged from a single outlet, and the gas phase is discharged through a separate outlet under the control of a back pressure valve.

Aiyi Machinery's liquid-gas separators are standard and have special options to meet your specific requirements, including:

(1) Internal parts

Inlet baffle for liquid-gas separator, anti-wave / split plate, movable gas cap, fluid inlet swirling device, oil / water coalescing packing, defoaming baffle, mist trap, vortex breaker, oil / water Sand collection tank, manual or automatic sand drainage system.

(2) Container design

Low, medium and high pressure design, sludge and / or solids discharge, critical point sampling, conventional internal structure, removable stainless steel internals, stainless steel sand removal / discharge system, manholes for maintenance, containers under special / harsh conditions Materials, ASME Code Volume 8 (or equivalent) design, GB150 (or equivalent) design, materials meeting NACE requirements under acidic conditions, and internal anti-corrosion coatings.

(3) Product range

The flow rate ranges from 150 m 3 / d to 30,000 m 3 / d, the water content in the inlet crude oil is less than 98%, and the gas separation of 300 MMSCFD is less than 0.1%, and the specific inlet design is suitable for defoaming, buffering / blocking protection.

Aiqiang liquid-gas separator mainly removes large bubbles with a diameter greater than φ3 ~ φ25mm in the mud. These gases greatly deviate the specific gravity and viscosity of the drilling fluid, which cannot meet the drilling requirements. May cause surges and even blowouts.

The gas invasion mud enters the separator tangentially from the liquid inlet of the separator, and falls along the inner wall on a series of specially designed internal baffles. It collides, increases the exposed surface area, and flows downward, causing a turbulent state, which makes the gas and drilling fluid Separation. The free gas is discharged through the gas exhaust pipe on the top of the separator (the length of the exhaust pipe must not be less than 50 meters) and is led to a safe area to ignite the gas using an electronic ignition device. The degassed drilling fluid is discharged into the drilling fluid shaker inlet or shaker distributor.

Atmospheric pressure anti-sulfide drilling fluid liquid-gas separator made of high-quality materials can effectively prevent the harmful gas from eroding and ensure the safe production of man-machine.

Iris liquid-gas separator parameters

model MGS800 MGS1000 MGS1200
Separator body 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Throughput 200 ~ 260m 3 / h 240 ~ 300m 3 / h 280 ~ 360m 3 / h
Inlet pipe 5 ″ 5 ″ 5 ″
Outlet pipe 8" 8" 10 ″
exhaust pipe 8" 8" 8"
weight 1600kg 2100kg 2800kg
Dimensions 1900 × 1900 × 5700mm 2000 × 2000 × 5860mm 2200 × 2200 × 6634mm

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