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Vibrating screen for drilling fluid

Release time: 2015/11 / 27Views of solid control equipment : 4531

Ai Yi produces shaker screens for drilling fluids in almost all drilling industries. Whether in the petroleum solid control industry or non-excavation mud treatment, whether it is a linear drilling fluid vibrating screen, or a translational elliptical drilling fluid vibrating screen, whether it is a flat screen or a wave screen, Ai Yi can give you Satisfactory high-quality screen.

Aiying has given more consideration to increasing the filtering area of the vibrating screen for drilling fluids and increasing the over-current coefficient so as to screen the drilling fluids better and more finely, so that users can save more drilling costs.

As long as you order Aiyi screen, you will be very satisfied with its performance, because it is as you expect: longer life, better screening effect.

Based on the international market, Aiyi is positioning high-end quality. The screens provided are:
1. According to the installation method: tension the screen, wedge block screen.
2. According to appearance: hook screen, frame screen.
3. According to the material: iron frame screen, composite frame screen.
4. According to the plane: flat screen drilling fluid shaker screen, wave drilling fluid shaker screen

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