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Drilling chip conveyor

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The cuttings conveyor produced by Aiyi is mainly used in the mud non-landing treatment system.
Drilling chip conveyors are divided into U-shaped screw conveyors and round tube screw conveyors. The screw conveyor uses the rotating spiral blades to push forward in the tank to achieve the process of conveying materials. It can transport powdery, granular and small lumps such as flour, grain and pebbles. The casing of the screw conveyor is generally a fixed U-shaped groove, and also has a round tube type; the screw conveyor is composed of a shaft and blades arranged along a spiral line on the shaft. Bulk material is accumulated in the lower part of the groove under the effect of its own weight and the friction of the casing, and is not pushed forward by the blades as the blades rotate. The solid blade spiral is used when conveying dry, small viscosity powder and granular materials; the belt blade spiral is used when conveying large viscosity or block materials; the paddle blade spiral is used when conveying easily agglomerated materials. Outside the material, it also has the function of breaking up and agglomerating. The conveying distance is generally within 70 meters, the projection diameter of the spiral is below 1250 mm, the conveying inclination is less than 20 °, and the conveying capacity is large. The screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded in multiple places, and has good sealing performance. It can transport materials with a temperature lower than 200 ° C, but with high wear and energy consumption.

Working principle of drill cuttings conveyor:

When the screw shaft rotates, due to the gravity of the material and its friction with the wall of the tank body, the material can only move forward along the bottom of the conveyor under the push of the blade. The movement of the material in the intermediate bearing depends on the thrust of the material moving forward. Therefore, the conveyance of materials in the conveyor is completely a sliding movement. In order to make the screw shaft in a more favorable state of tension, the driving device and the discharge port are generally placed at the same end of the conveyor, and the feed port is placed as near the tail of the other end as possible. The rotating spiral blade moves the material to be conveyed. The force that prevents the material from rotating with the screw blade of the screw is the material's own weight and the frictional resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material.

Influencing factors of cuttings conveyor:

According to the different requirements and structure of the conveyed materials, the screw conveyors include horizontal screw conveyors, vertical screw conveyors, flexible screw conveyors, spiral tube (roller conveyor) conveyors.

Structural components of screw conveyor:

The conveyor body, the inlet and outlet and the driving device are composed of three parts.

Application scope of cuttings conveyor:

Screw machine is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal coal, food and other industries.
Product features of screw conveyor:
It has the advantages of small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading, safe operation, and easy maintenance.

Maintenance of drill cuttings conveyor:

1. Lubricate the bearings, gears and chains, etc. at regular intervals.
2. After the box feeder is deactivated, the spiral blades should be checked for wear, and repair welding should be performed when the wear is severe.
3. The conveying capacity must not be overloaded, otherwise the material cannot be discharged, causing the screw shaft to bend and the box to rise and fall.
4. When the conveyed medium has a high degree of frustration, pay attention to whether the expansion and contraction of the box is free and there is no jammed place.
5. When the conveyor is operating, when the noise is harsh, it should be covered and inspected to troubleshoot.

Parameters of the cuttings conveyor:
model Spiral straight (mm) Spiral length (mm) Capacity (ton / h) Motor work (kw) Speed (rpm)
APLS250 250 According to site requirements 20 7.5 60
APLS400 400 According to site requirements 30 11 60
APLS500 500 According to site requirements 50 15 60

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