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Drilling fluid shear pump

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The polymer used in the mud has a high molecular weight, and it is not easy to hydrate when directly added. If it is not sufficiently sheared, the polymer may block the vibrating screen in the first cycle, lose a large amount of polymer, and increase drilling costs , And may also make large size solid phase particles in drilling fluid hard and difficult to remove; in drilling fluid, due to insufficient shear, the polymer will produce a lot of "fish eyes", which will harm the formation To reduce formation permeability and reduce oil and gas production. Therefore, the polymer needs to be pre-sheared before it enters the drilling fluid system to improve the performance of the drilling fluid in order to fully play its role. Shear pumps can provide high shear efficiency, speeding up polymer dilution and hydration processes.

Based on the research of a large number of shear pumps at home and abroad, Aiyi Machinery has improved the shear pumps developed by it to form a perfect shear and hydration system, which can quickly shear the diluted and hydrated polymer.

The main advantages of Aiyi drilling fluid shear pump:

1. Adopting the comprehensive mechanical seal technology uniquely developed by the institute, the novel and unique design, the first domestic and foreign advanced sealing performance, reliable operation and long service life;
2. Greatly improve the hydration degree of soil particles, and can save more than 30% of bentonite;
3. Provide high shear force for rapid hydration of high molecular polymer (or clay), and solve the outstanding problems of polymer (or clay) in drilling fluid due to poor hydration;
4. Reduced mud cake and fluid flow loss, reduced drilling fluid shear rate, and improved gel strength, thus reaching the advanced level of foreign products.

JQB series shear pump parameters:

model JQB6545 JQB6535
Flow (m 3 / h) 120 100
Head (m) 45 35
Power (kw) 55 45
Weight (kg) 980 800
L × W × H (mm) 1150 × 1100 × 1500 1150 × 1100 × 1250

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