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Bottom valve of drilling mud tank

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The mud tank bottom valve (underflow valve) is suitable for the pipelines and silos of drilling mud tanks with mud as the medium. It acts as a suction and discharge control valve and also acts as a switch for the balance control of the silos. The valve is compact in structure and reasonable in design. It integrates many years of experience and uses a Vern seal for longer service life and more stable performance.

Mud tank bottom valve
The role of the mud tank bottom valve:

The control valve is applied to the suction pipe of the bottom of the mud tank, and the suction operation of the mud of each tank is realized, which realizes the layout of the suction manifold and the operation of the tank surface. That is, the integration of the manifold and the mud tank facilitates installation and transportation.

Tank bottom valve structure:

Adopting the face-sealed valve plate and rotary lifting mechanism, the same and isolation of the tank bottom pipeline is realized. That is, the clutch between the valve plate and the seal seat is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve stem, a hand wheel, a lift rod, a valve plate, a bearing and other components.

Working principle of mud tank bottom valve:

Rotating the hand wheel drives the lead screw, which causes the valve stem to move up and down, which in turn drives the valve plate to have a lifting effect, thereby achieving the clutch of the valve plate and the sealing seat and completing the opening and closing action of the valve body.

Tank bottom valve advantages:

The operation realizes the control of the mud tank surface, which is labor-saving, convenient and practical, and has good stability in opening and closing states.

Basic information of drilling fluid tank bottom valve

name: Tank bottom valve
Brand: Ai
Application industry: Oil drilling
size: 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch

Bottom valve for drilling fluid tank

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