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Drilling cuttings sieve

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The cuttings drying vibrating screen is used to recover water-based and oil-based drilling fluids in cuttings, so that the liquid phase ratio in the cuttings is reduced to below 40%. The cutting dust drying vibrating screen produced by Aiyi can significantly reduce waste discharge costs, and is particularly effective in the treatment of oil-based cuttings .

Cuttings drying sieve is a drilling fluid vibrating screen commonly used in well sites to recover liquid phase. The drying vibrating screen or drying screen is a linear vibrating screen. It is mainly used to recover the liquid phase adsorbed in the cuttings removed by the main vibrating screen and the hydrocyclone during the processing of drilling waste. This method of recovering liquid phase is especially Applicable to oil-based mud, which can effectively reduce mud waste.

Compared with mainstream drilling fluid vibrating screens, the number of meshes used in drilling fluid drying screens will be larger. Because the cuttings processed by the drying screens are relatively dry, high-frequency vibration motors are generally used as power for drying. source. As a result, the drilling fluid to be recycled flows through the screen slowly, and the strong vibration force can maximize the recovery of the liquid phase in the cuttings.

During use, the drill cuttings sieve can be used in combination with any equipment of the solid control system, such as linear vibrating screen, sand remover, and desilter. The solid phase removed after the combination of these equipments is processed through a linear vibrating screen with a fine mesh cloth to recover the liquid phase adsorbed on the solid phase. All equipment is combined into a drilling fluid cleaning system, which is installed in a line with the main vibrating screen. Drilling fluid tank. When not used as a dry vibrating screen, these devices can be connected to a drilling fluid circulation system to facilitate fine particle separation. These drying vibrating screens are used to pump the treated drilling fluid from the sand remover and desilter, and then flow into the next stage treatment equipment after the drying treatment.

Characteristics of drilling fluid drying screen

1) High G force excitation intensity (adjustable according to the working conditions)
2) The bucket-type feed box is more in line with the requirements of the on-site process;
3) The angle adjustment mechanism of the screen box is composed of an easy-adjustable hydraulic jack composed of a manual oil pump and a plunger hydraulic cylinder. Its adjustment range is 0 ° ~ + 6 ° to meet the requirements of mud treatment of different formations and different viscosities And other solid-liquid separation requirements;
4) The thermal relay installed in the electric control box has overload and phase loss protection functions;
5) Fast drilling cuttings conveying speed and high processing capacity;
6) The screen of the vibrating screen is a full-bonded rigid screen with a hooked edge, which is fixed by a plate;
7) The motion trajectory of the vibrating screen is linear, with large amplitude and fast movement speed, and can perform solid-liquid separation quickly;
8) The use of mud buffer and uniform flow structure reduces direct impact on the screen and has a long service life;
9) The mud drying screen is composed of a buffer box, a motor, a screen box, a screen box inclination adjustment mechanism, a bracket, and a base. The overall structure is compact, with convenient operation and maintenance, stable and reliable performance.

Drilling fluid drying screen parameters
Throughput 140 m3 / h
Exciting force > 7.5G
Motor Power 2 X 1.94Kw
Adjustment angle 0 ~ 5 °
Screen size 585 X 1165mm X 4
weight 1680 Kg
Dimensions 2700 X 1670 X 1370 (mm)

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