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Diesel tank

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Elevated diesel tanks are used for drilling projects. Diesel tanks placed at the well site. Diesel tanks, as the general supporting equipment for drilling rigs, are mainly used to provide the required diesel oil for the diesel units and oil-fired boilers of drilling rigs. They are ideal oil supply and storage devices.

Diesel tank parameters

design pressure Atmospheric
Operating temperature Less than 50 degrees Celsius
Common volume 20 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, etc. (customers can customize)
Process Description The diesel tank is sandblasted to achieve a rust-proof level of Sa2.5, and reinforced epoxy coal tar pitch paint is used for anticorrosion. Coating structure: primer-topcoat-glass cloth-topcoat-glass cloth-two-layer paint The total thickness of the coating is not less than 0.6mm.
Service life 20 years
Implementation standards The oil tank is manufactured in accordance with Q / HFD 005-2005 `` Drilling uses oil water tank '' standard.
The anticorrosion of diesel tanks is produced and designed in accordance with: CNCIA-HG / T0001-2006 "Code for Static Conductive Anticorrosive Coatings and Acceptance of Diesel Tanks".

The diesel tanks of Aiyi Machinery are easy to operate and easy to maintain. As an important part of the drilling system, it can purify, store and supply oil to the oil equipment used in the drilling process. Aiyi Machinery develops, designs, and produces oil tanks, diesel tanks, and overhead diesel tanks of different specifications and capacities. Such as square diesel tank, square overhead diesel tank, round diesel tank, round overhead diesel tank, etc. At the same time production of various mud tanks , water tanks and so on. If necessary, please contact us.

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