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Drilling fluid sand remover, sand remover

Working principle of drilling fluid sand remover:
The drilling mud is transferred to the sand removal cyclone through the sand pump in the vibrating screen bin. Under the pressure of the sand pump and the impact force of the mud flow, the drilling mud forms a vortex in the cyclone and the solids in the drilling fluid are under centrifugal force. Under the action of gravity and gravity, it settles to the bottom of the cyclone and is finally ejected through the drip nozzle. The solid particles are further sieved and filtered in an underflow screen. The lighter, clean liquid will flow directly into the sand removal tank through the discharge line of the cyclone group. The liquid in the desilting bin will be continuously supplied to the desilter by the desilter pump for the third stage solid control treatment.
Scope of application of drilling fluid sand removal cleaner:
Land and offshore oil and gas drilling / CBM excavation / non-excavation directional crossing / pile engineering / wastewater, mud treatment and other projects, secondary solid control treatment of mud and liquid to be treated. In short, it is suitable for sand removal of mud and solid-liquid mixtures in various environments. Generally excluded particle sizes are> 47 microns.
Influencing factors of sand removal cleaner:
Drilling depth, drilling fluid performance, land environment, comprehensive drilling environment / condition, selection of screens, comprehensive performance of objects to be treated, etc.
Structural components of drilling fluid sand remover:
It mainly includes base, frame, vibration motor, control cabinet, cyclone unit, corresponding pipeline, screen, fixed screen device; some customers require that the sand remover does not have an underflow screen and only requires a quicksand tank. In this way, the structural components do not include the vibration motor, the control cabinet screen and the fixed screen device.
Installation instructions for sand cleaner:
The sand remover is a secondary solid control equipment for drilling mud, which will be installed after the shaker and before the mud remover. The installation position of the sand remover will also be positioned on the surface of the mud tank, and ensure that the layout of the pump and pipeline can be conveniently and effectively. During the installation process, please follow the installation and operation instructions of the device and the complete system to ensure the correct position, correct direction, and reasonable spacing.
Safe Operation of Drilling Fluid Desander:
Before using the device, make sure that the pressure gauge reading is within the safe range. Before use, determine the seal status of the inlet, outlet, and manifold connections.
Maintenance of drilling fluid sand remover:
1. During use, pay attention to check the pressure gauge frequently;
2. Seal inspection should also be performed on the entrance, exit and pipe junction;
3. If there is an underflow screen, pay attention to the use status and wear of the screen;
4. Pay attention to cleaning to ensure the service life of the equipment.
Precautions for drilling fluid sand removal cleaner:
1. When you feel that the liquid sprayed by the cyclone drip nozzle is not enough, please check whether the equipment has leaked parts or the pressure is sufficient;
2. If the efficiency of the sand remover is reduced, the flow of the slurry pump may not be sufficient, please consider adjusting the pump set;
3. The sand remover does not produce slurry, and the drip nozzle may be blocked. Please unscrew the drip nozzle cover and dredge to restore normal.
If there are other problems, please refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual to solve them, or contact Ai Yi to solve it for you.

APCS series drilling fluid sand removal cleaner parameters:

model APCS60 APCS90 APCS120 APCS200 APCS240 APCS320
Throughput 60m³ / h 90m³ / h 120m³ / h 200m³ / h 240m³ / h 320m³h
Cyclone 200 × 2 (8 ″ x2) 250 × 1 (10 ″ x1) 250 × 2 (10 ″ x2) 250 × 3 (10 ″ x3)
Working pressure 0.25 ~ 0.45MPa
Separation point 44 ~ 74μm
Underflow screen model Hunter-D or Hunter-M series
Vibration trajectory Straight or translational ellipse
Excitation machine speed 1500rpm or 1800rpm
Dimensions 1500x1200x1900mm 2300x1700x2200mm
weight 850kg 960kg 1050kg
Remark 8 ″ cyclone = 30 ~ 35m 3 / h, 10 ″ cyclone = 90 ~ 120m 3 / h
Cyclone can be configured according to customer throughput requirements

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