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Lower ash tank, vertical drilling ash tank, vertical ash storage tank

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Vertical ash storage tanks (lower ash tanks, vertical drilling ash tanks) are pneumatically conveyed, that is, with the help of fluidized devices, compressed air is used as the power to make compressed air pass through the gasification bed to transfer the ash in the storage tank. Gradually become fluidized. The fluidized ash enters the tank through the ash inlet pipe, and then controls the ash output by operating the disc valve through the ash outlet pipe (the ash outlet pipe is equipped with an air-assisted scavenging device to Remove blockage). The ash can be discharged out of the storage tank by using the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank, and the ash weight can be controlled by the weighing machine built in the tank.

Side view of lower ash can

1.Heavy operation method of lower ash tank and vertical drilling ash tank:

① All valves should be closed.
② Connect the hose of the vertical tank discharge pipe with the interface of the weight-increasing mixing device .
③ Start the air compressor to make it work at the rated speed. When the air pressure reaches the rated working pressure, open the balloon valve of the air compressor, and the airflow enters the vertical tank through the inlet pipe valve. Gasification device to make the powder into a fluid state.
④ When the powder is in a fluid state, open the discharge valve of the vertical tank and send the powder into the spray funnel.
⑤Sweep the ash and remove the remaining ash in the ash outlet pipe after the discharge is finished; you can open the ash sweep tube valve on the tank and clean the ash remaining in the pipeline with compressed air for next use .

2. Advantages of the lower ash tank:

① Fast ash down speed ② The amount of ash can be adjusted arbitrarily

3. Use of vertical ash storage tank:

The lower ash tank is placed on the well site for storing cement and barite powder for cementing.

4. Working principle of ash tank under vertical drilling:

Compressed air is used to fluidize the ash, and the material is conveyed through the flow channel.

5. The composition of the lower ash tank:

1. Ash inlet pipe, 2 exhaust pipe, 3 base, 4 gasification system, 5 grey outlet pipe, 6 pressure gauge, 7 safety valve, 8 traction lugs (see Figure 1)
Figure 1 Structure of the lower ash tank

6. Technical parameters of drilling ash tank:

model XHG2500 XHG2600
Volume 24m³ 27m³
Body diameter 2500mm 2600mm
Ash tank diameter 100mm 100mm
Ash out tank diameter 125mm 125mm
Exhaust pipe diameter 50mm 50mm
size 2700x2500x6300mm 2560x2600x6400mm
weight 4300kg 4800kg

Research vertical ash storage tank has simple structure, reasonable design, convenient and fast installation and operation, accurate dosage and high working efficiency, improved drilling fluid quality, reduced dosage of added materials, greatly reduced labor intensity of workers, and Conducive to on-site environmental protection operations.

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