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Centrifugal deaerator

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APLCQ300 centrifugal degasser can also be called atmospheric degasser. It is a high-efficiency new type of equipment to remove the bubbles in drilling fluid mud. It is suitable for the supporting of various mud solid control purification systems, and plays an important role in restoring mud specific gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity performance, and reducing drilling costs. At the same time, the centrifugal deaerator can also be used as a high-power agitator .

The APLCQ300 centrifugal deaerator (normal pressure deaerator) adopts an innovative structure. It integrates the previous deaerator pump and separation tank, adds an exhaust device, and collects bubble gas in the mud, thereby greatly enhancing the deaerator.气 效应。 Gas effect. When the main shaft of the centrifugal deaerator (atmospheric pressure deaerator) rotates, the impeller drives the air invasion drilling fluid filtered by the filter to spirally rise from the lower part of the deaerator, and a thin layer is formed by the inner wall of the cylinder. To the centrifugal force which is approximately equal to its own gravity acceleration of 42 times, the air bubbles in the drilling fluid quickly gather towards the center and burst, and then are collected by the blower.

APLCQ300 Drilling Fluid Deaerator Technical Parameters


model APLCQ300
Inner diameter of mud inlet 20 "
Inside diameter of mud outlet 6 "
Inside diameter of gas outlet 2"
flow 300 cubic meters / hour
Outgassing 30 cubic meters / hour
main motor power 22Kw
Pump power 1.1Kw
weight 1400Kg
size 1150x1054x3110mm

The deaerator is usually installed after the mud drilling fluid shaker.
Advantages of APLCQ300 centrifugal deaerator designed and produced by Aiyi Machinery:

  • Large processing capacity, high degassing rate, small footprint, simple use and maintenance.
  • The filter and impeller are welded in stainless steel and are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • The equipment is sprayed with marine heavy anticorrosive paint, which greatly prolongs the service life.
  • APLCQ300 centrifugal deaerator is designed and produced strictly in accordance with API standards, and its equipment meets the requirements of HSE.

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