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Water-based mud non-landing system nijiangbuluodi

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Equipment for water-based drilling fluid mud not falling to the ground includes

: High-speed drilling fluid centrifuge (with screw pump), drilling fluid drying screen, drilling hydraulic filter, screw conveyor, dosing unit, mud tank and cuttings box.

Aiying Solid Control actively responded to the national and petroleum drilling and production industry's call for pollution control and emission reduction, and equipped with a large-capacity mud circulation tank , and installed corresponding solid control equipment and sand removal equipment in it to store and purify the mud. So as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. This set of process equipment can effectively reduce the disposal cost of waste mud, fundamentally eliminate the pollution caused by drilling waste to the environment, and has wide applicability in the oil drilling industry. The mud is treated in a "no-floor" manner. The reused water generated during the treatment process can be recycled by the construction itself, reducing the amount of fresh water used for drilling, and it will not discharge sewage. Drilling cuttings and waste mud can be used to form mud cakes after being processed, which can also be used for well site and roadbed laying, so as to achieve clean production. At the same time, through the use of "mud without landing" treatment, the direct excavation of the circulation pond was cancelled, reducing land use, reducing pre-drilling costs, and reducing the workload of the well team.

Water-based mud without falling ground treatment process

: The mud to be processed is sent to the drilling fluid drying screen through the manifold to be processed. The processed mud drilling fluid enters the drilling fluid centrifuge through the screw pump for further processing. The processed mud enters the mud tank and is stirred and injected into the mud circulation system in. The waste left in the process is transported to the drilling hydraulic filter by the screw conveyor for further drying, and finally the solid blocks from the filter press are sent to the cuttings box and dragged out of the site for landfill or other treatment.

Water-based mud without ground treatment parameters:
device Drill cuttings dryer High-speed drilling fluid centrifuge Screw pump Filter press Screw conveyor Dosing unit Mud tank Cuttings box
model APGS2800 GLW355-1257 (VFD) G50-2 XMZ100 / 1000-UB
Quantity 1 2 3 1 Several set One Several
Remark Field configuration With mud mixer Field configuration
Water-based mud does not fall to the ground

Ai Yi water-based mud treatment site installationOne

Water-based waste slurry treatment site commissioning diagram

Installation diagram of Aiyi waste slurry treatment site