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Batch shipment of cuttings drying sieve and mixing funnel

Release time: 2016/03/18 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1821

A batch of APGS2800 cuttings drying sieve and mixing funnel ordered by domestic customers have been produced and have been shipped.

Cuttings / drilling cuttings

APGS2800 Rock Cuttings / Drilling Cuttings Drying Screen

Drilling cuttings drying sieve (rock cuttings drying sieve) is a solid control equipment specially designed for processing drilling fluid waste (mud does not fall to the ground). APGS2800 drill cuttings sieve is a device designed and produced by Ai Machinery for domestic projects. It has a large processing capacity (up to 140 cubic meters of drilling fluid per hour), and its excitation force is up to 8.5G. The APGS series cuttings drying screen uses 4 pieces of 1165 × 585mm flat screens. The adjustment angle of the screen box is between negative 1 and 3 degrees. This design increases and extends the contact area and residence time of the drilling fluid with the screen. The drilling and rock cutting drying screens produced by Aiyi Machinery use well-known manufacturers' excitation motors; the surface of the products is sprayed with highly anti-corrosive paint; the screens are made by our company.
Back of drill cuttings sieve

Mixing funnel

The mixing funnel is a part of the mixing device, and the mixing device is divided into a jet type and a swirl type. The mixing funnel is combined with a sand pump , a pipeline and a base to form a mixing device. The mixed funnel produced this time is equipped for 13 kW motors.

Aiyi Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of mud purification treatment system. The solid control equipment produced by our factory is directly sold by the factory, which is very advantageous. If you have any intention, please contact us!

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