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Three major measures to improve the performance of drilling fluid shaker screens

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1379

Three Improvement Measures to Improve the Performance of Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen
1. Increase the screening area of each drilling fluid vibrating screen mesh in order to transfer the load of drilling mud to more surface area. In this case, the wear of the petroleum vibrating screen and other petroleum vibrating screens Compared to it will drop a lot.
2. The wavy screen of the drilling fluid vibrating screen should ensure that the solids stay in the valley area of the petroleum vibrating screen, and maintaining the valley area can efficiently handle drilling mud. For conical valleys, the drilling mud moves under high G-force conditions, applying pressure on a solid surface, similar to wringing a cloth to separate liquids.
3. Increasing the surface area of the vibrating screen can also use a finer oil vibrating screen. In the early drilling process, as long as the acceptable flow rate and penetration rate are maintained at the same time, harmful drilling cuttings can be effectively removed to ensure the smooth operation of the solid control equipment.
Although these measures to improve the performance of drilling fluid shaker screens are also quite good, but to truly measure how to perform their high-performance performance of petroleum shaker screens, you need to compare and collect data to make your own judgment.
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