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Delivery of drilling fluid mud cleaner

Release time: 2016/05/18 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1661

The two mud cleaners ordered by domestic customers have been commissioned and are ready to be shipped.
Partially enlarged view of cleaner
Mud cleaner is a solid control equipment for drilling. It combines the sand remover, desilter and underflow sieve together to achieve the purpose of less land occupation and high energy efficiency. The mud cleaner is mainly composed of a cyclone (now a polyurethane cyclone is mostly used), an excitation motor, a screen frame, a support, a manifold and a spring. There is a pressure gauge on the manifold to monitor the flow rate of drilling fluid mud. The principle of the mud cleaner is the same as the principle of the sand remover and the desilter: they both use the principle of liquid cyclone to make the mud through the cyclone to achieve a light liquid floating, and the solid mass with a larger mass sinks and discharges Mouth row will go out.
Cleaner-Excitation Motor
This time, the customer ordered the largest mud drilling fluid cleaner (320 m3 / h). It consists of three cyclones with a diameter of 250mm and sixteen with a diameter of 100mm as the main processing components. It is also equipped with an underflow screen to make the mud purification process more efficient. You can click here for more details of mud cleaner parameters .
Cleaner-Excitation Motor
Aiyi Machinery is a manufacturer of drilling fluid cleaners, with competitive prices. If interested, please contact.

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