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Sealing welding process of drilling fluid vibrating screen

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The drilling fluid vibrating screen box is a bearing part of the drilling fluid vibrating screen and a vibration participating component, and is composed of the drilling fluid vibrating screen box and the surface of the drilling fluid vibrating screen fixed on it. It consists of a side plate, a rear baffle plate, a lower beam and an upper beam. The side plate is made of steel plate, and the two sides are connected by cross beams, so that the drilling fluid shaker box has an integrated structure. In order to strengthen the rigidity of the side plate, angle steel is riveted at an appropriate position to reinforce it. The lower beam uses seamless steel pipe or channel steel, and the upper beam uses seamless steel pipe. Since the drilling fluid shaker works under high frequency vibration, the frame of the drilling fluid shaker not only bears the weight of the sub-materials of the drilling fluid shaker, It also has to withstand large vibration forces. Therefore, the connection of the frame of the drilling fluid vibrating screen must be firm, not only has sufficient overall rigidity, so that the box of the drilling fluid vibrating screen is not damaged due to deformation. The surface of such a large vibration drilling fluid shaker is still important.
The rigidity of a drilling fluid shaker box refers to its ability to resist deformation. When the drilling fluid shaker screen works, the high frequency inertial force generated by the vibration of the drilling fluid shaker frame can cause dynamic deformation of local components, and this deformation is often an important reason for the fracture of the beam or side plate. Therefore, the rigidity of the frame structure of the drilling fluid shaker is strengthened. In particular, the stiffness of the connecting components is an important issue. A longitudinal trabecular is set between the beams. A drilling fluid shaker slab is laid on the beams, and a large bending steel is used at the junction of the beams and side plates to improve the stiffness.
There are two common connection methods for the frame structure of drilling fluid vibrating screen: riveting and welding. The riveted structure has accurate dimensions and no internal stress. It has a good adaptability to vibration, but the manufacturing process is complicated and the welding structure is easy to construct. Welded structure construction is simple, but due to the complexity of the weld seam and large internal stress. Weld seam cracking and even component fracture often occur under strong vibration load. In order to clear the internal stress of the welded structure, tempering treatment is used. Because this vibrating drilling fluid vibrating screen uses the building material stone drilling fluid vibrating screen, it belongs to the small and medium-sized vibrating drilling fluid vibrating screen. Welding parts should be selected in consideration of economy.
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