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Technical advantages of tandem drilling fluid shaker

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1388

The solid phase processed by drilling fluid vibrating screen, sand pump, hydrocyclone, drill nozzle, etc. is easy to repeatedly grind, which causes very fine solid particles to enter the drilling fluid, which increases the difficulty of solid control. In order to remove the solid phase as soon as possible, before the finest mesh shaker, other shakers must be installed to partially process the drilling fluid. Sometimes 6 to 8 drilling fluid vibrating screens are used in series. The improved downstream equipment is an important part of the entire solid control system, and its role is often mistakenly ignored.
The tandem drilling fluid vibrating screen system uses a set of drilling fluid vibrating screens, which specialize in processing large-size particles and slimes in drilling fluids, and another set of drilling fluid vibrating screens handle fine-grained solid phases. This type of tandem system significantly improves the solid-phase removal efficiency of the vibrating screen, especially when drilling fast in the surface or when encountering mud shale. The tandem system is used when the solid phase content exceeds the capacity of the fine mesh screen, that is, it is suitable for processing high solid phase drilling fluids. High-solid-phase drilling fluids often occur when drilling in large boreholes or when large amounts of clay return to the surface.
The advantages of the series combination drilling fluid shaker are as follows:
1. The solid control system can handle high solid content content;
2. Reduce the solid phase load on the fine mesh screen;
3. Can use finer screens;
4. Extend the life of the screen;
5. Reduced drilling fluid costs.
The basic design of the tandem drilling fluid vibrating screen system includes the following three types: independent equipment separated from each other, combined equipment of multiple vibration forms, and combined equipment of single vibration form. The choice of design depends on many factors such as site space, site height, nature of drilling fluid treatment, overall cost, etc. We will introduce them one by one in the next time. Drilling fluid shaker in series

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