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The important role of drilling fluid centrifuge in drilling technology

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1462

Drilling process technology is an important part of modern drilling engineering. Especially with the development of new drilling fluid technology and new technology, the requirements for drilling fluid performance control are increasing. The solid phase control process of drilling fluid, while removing harmful solid phase particles in the drilling fluid, recovers useful components, and appropriately adds chemical reagents according to the drilling site address parameters to maintain reasonable solid phase particles required by the drilling process. The granularity level is safe, efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly during the drilling process. The main function of the solid control equipment in the drilling process is to control the solid phase content in the drilling fluid, that is, solid phase control. The content of the solid phase in the drilling fluid and the size of the solid particles have a great impact on the performance of the drilling fluid.
As a special medium, drilling fluid is very different from all media in other industries. For different geological structures, different mechanical drilling rates and different drilling fluids in one well, the drilling fluid of the same system varies with the depth of the well. At the same time, the density, solid content and particle size distribution of the drilling fluid are constantly changing. It also depends on the condition of the vibrating screen, sand remover, desilter and drilling fluid cleaner. These characteristics of drilling fluid make the drilling fluid centrifuge different from chemical sedimentation centrifuge in structural parameters and performance parameters. As a drilling fluid solid control equipment, drilling fluid centrifuge has a very important role in drilling operations. . The rational use of centrifuges will effectively control the bulk density and annual of drilling fluids, stabilize the performance of drilling fluids, save chemicals and heavier materials, increase the rate of mechanical drilling, protect the formation structure, reduce drilling fluid pollution, and obtain better economic benefits and society. benefit.
Drilling fluid centrifuge

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