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Aiike Popular Science-Drilling Fluid Shaker Development Summary

Release time: 2015/10/24 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1535

Since the publication of the "Vibrating Screen User Manual" in the early 1970s, drilling fluid vibrating screens have gone through several important stages of development. The currently used linear motion drilling fluid mud shaker was introduced in the 1980s. It has been widely used due to its improved solid-phase transmission capacity and drilling fluid processing capacity. Next, the type of vibration is discussed further. When the linear motion causes the drilling fluid vibrating screen to tilt upward, the solid phase can move towards the discharge end of the screen surface, and the screen facing up causes the drilling fluid to generate a liquid phase submerged zone at the feed end of the screen surface, which acts in a linear vibration. Under this condition, a greater pressure is applied to the drilling fluid so that it can pass through the screen holes on the screen surface. It is precisely because of the linear motion that the slime screen can be applied to the current slime screen, and the acceleration perpendicular to the screen surface controls the liquid processing capacity. Other trajectory movements (such as circles and underbalanced ellipses) have the same acceleration as the linearly moving drilling fluid shaker, but the linearly moving mud shaker has a larger flow rate. Linear motion carries the solid phase upwards, while other trajectory motions cannot do this. The upward transfer of the solid phase allows greater linear or linear elliptical motion processing flow.
The use of linear motion drilling fluid vibrating screens also makes it possible to further improve the screen design. Due to the introduction of repairable viscous joints and pre-stretched screen plates, the service life of drilling fluid shaker screens is greatly extended. Moreover, screen surfaces such as rectangular corrugated surfaces, non-metal screens and three-dimensional screens have been developed. These improved designs have further improved the solid-liquid separation effect of various types of drilling fluid vibrating screens.
Although the linear mud vibrating screen has a great impact on the solid control equipment, other forms of vibrating screens also have their own characteristics: circular motion vibrating screens are easier to implement in structure and better than linear motion screens in removing slime. The linear motion vibrating screen must fix 30% -50% of the screen surface, which means that this part of the screen surface area is wasted. At the same time, the liquid phase submerged area formed at the feed end of the linear motion vibrating screen may also grind the solid phase. The solid phase that becomes closer to the screen hole is passed through the screen surface with the drilling fluid.

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