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Aiike science-Vibration system form of drilling fluid shaker

Release time: 2015/10/24 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1538

The vibration system of the mud shaker includes the following forms:
1. Integrated vibrator. The eccentric shaft type of the mud shaker is part of the rotor component, so it can be completely sealed in the electric motor system.
2. Sealed vibrator. This is a double-shaft electric motor with the center of gravity of the eccentric shaft at the end of the shaft, and both are sealed in a housing connected to the electric motor box of the drilling fluid shaker.
3. Belt-driven vibrator. The eccentric shaft is sealed in one housing, and the other shaft is installed at the other end of the housing. The pulley electric motor uses a belt to drive the shaft to rotate. According to the design, the motor can be installed beside, behind or above the drilling fluid vibrating screen, or it can be installed beside the vibration component of the vibration bed.
4. Double shaft, belt drive vibrator. This vibrator is similar to the one described above, except that its two vibrating shafts rotate in opposite directions and are driven by an electric motor through a belt.
5. Gear drive vibrator. A sealed gearbox is driven by a two-shaft electric motor, and the two vibration shafts are driven by the gear to move in opposite directions.
6. Hydraulically driven vibrator. The drilling fluid shaker hydraulic drive motor is mounted directly on a sealed vibration shaft. The hydrodynamic system consists of an electric motor and a hydraulic pump, which power the vibrator.

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