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Ai Desander has arrived at the construction site

Release time: 2015/11/20 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1919

The sand removal cleaner produced by Aiyi Machinery is mainly used to separate solid phase particles with a particle size of 47-76 μm in drilling fluid. This product has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, low noise and long service life.
CSQ series cyclone desander is a two-level solid control system for processing drilling fluid. According to the size of cyclone diameter, it is divided into cyclone desander and cyclone desander. Generally, the combination of cyclones above 8 ″ is called sand remover, and commonly used are 8 ″, 10 ″, 12 ″ cyclones, which are mainly used to separate solid phase particles with a particle size of 47-76μm in drilling fluid. According to the size of the customer's required processing capacity, several groups of cyclones are selected to form a sand remover. Aojie Solid Control's cyclone sand remover is widely used for sand removal in oil drilling, horizontal directional crossing, sewage treatment, etc.
In the call before the customer placed the order, he said that the time and engineering deadline were very urgent, and he hoped that our company could produce qualified, high-quality, and practical sand removal equipment for bridge piling in the shortest time, because the customer Large bridge construction companies have strict checks on project deadlines and product quality of only five days.
Drilling fluid sand remover
When we sent the sand remover equipment to the construction site within 5 days, the customer showed a satisfactory smile. Because the customer's time and project deadline are very tight, we promise to provide customers with door-to-door acceptance services to avoid delaying customers Time, the final installation was completed and the machine was tested, the customer expressed great satisfaction!
Desander at the scene
The sand remover is the main equipment for the solid phase separation of large particles in mud, which stabilizes the performance of the mud and improves the engineering efficiency. Drilling fluid sand remover is mainly used for drilling exploration, directional crossing horizontal excavation and other engineering projects.
Cyclone sand remover process: raw water-cyclone sand removal-precision filtration-storage tank-user cyclone sand remover is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, when the water flow under a certain pressure, from the sand remover After the inlet enters the device in a tangential direction, a strong rotational movement occurs. Due to the different density of sand and water, due to different forces under the action of centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, and fluid drag, the low-density clean water rises, and the overflow port Discharge, the sand with high density is discharged from the sand discharge port at the bottom, so as to achieve the purpose of sand removal. Under a certain range and conditions, the greater the inlet pressure of the sand remover, the higher the sand removal rate, and multiple units can be used in parallel.

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