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Special factors that must be considered in the design of drilling fluid shakers

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1495

When designing a drilling fluid vibrating screen system, the influence of special factors such as flow rate, flow pattern, drill pipe volume, drilling tool combination, drilling rig power, applicable height and discharge dryness (resistance) must be considered.
Most design methods use the evaluation parameters of experimentally prepared drilling fluids to extrapolate field applications, but the drilling fluids prepared in the laboratory cannot truly reflect the properties of the drilling fluids during actual drilling. At higher bottom-hole temperatures, the high shear rate generated by the bit nozzle makes the drilling fluid contain many colloidal particles, which is not produced by the surface preparation of the drilling fluid.
Influence of flow rate on the design of drilling fluid shaker:
The flow rate of the drilling fluid shaker can be controlled by adjusting the flow pattern of the drilling fluid. The lower the plastic viscosity, dynamic shear force, static shear force, and drilling fluid density, the finer the mesh size of the drilling fluid shaker. The ability to handle drilling fluid can be estimated based on the conductivity of the drilling fluid shaker screen, but it cannot reveal the actual performance of the screen. If screens with the same conductivity are applied to different types of vibrating screens, they will also have different drilling fluid processing speeds.
Some companies use vibrating screen selection procedures to predict the solids removal capability of drilling fluids for different screens. These procedures assume that the flow rate of returning cuttings is equivalent to the rate of formation of cuttings. However, in actual drilling, many cuttings cannot be returned to the wellhead in sequence, but remain in the wellbore. Generally, when drilling in a large open hole section, when the drill bit is drilled, as many cuttings are formed as the rock on the borehole wall, and they enter the drilling fluid.
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