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Successful commissioning of water-based mud non-landing system ready for shipment

Release time: 2017/05/22 Ai Yi NewsViews : 3039

The water-based mud non-landing system ordered by the customer has been successfully commissioned and installed and is ready to be sent to the customer site.
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The supporting non-ground equipment is for processing water-based mud for drilling. The preparation information is as follows:
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1. Mud tank: 6 sets
2.Screening unit: 2 sets
3. Filter press unit: 1 set
4. Dosing unit: 1 set
5. Pump set: 1 set
6.Mixing unit: 12 sets
7. Conveying unit: 10 sets

As a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment, mud non-landing equipment and oily sludge treatment equipment, Aiyi Machinery looks forward to your participation in the inspection.

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