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CIPPE2016 Aiyi Machinery Exhibition Summary

Release time: 2016/04/05 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1777

The CIPPE2016 Beijing International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition which has attracted much attention has come to an end successfully on March 31, 2016! The exhibition brought together 2,000 exhibitors from home and abroad, 46 of the world's top 500 companies, 18 major international pavilions, and 80,000 professional visitors.

Aiyi Machinery's exhibition area is 72 square meters. The mud drying sieve and high-speed centrifuge with new equipment appeared at the Beijing exhibition.

Drying sieve

The mud drying screen is designed and developed on the basis of drilling fluid vibrating screen. It has a better mud treatment effect. It uses a high-frequency vibration motor as a power source, so that the drilling fluid to be recycled flows through the screen slowly. The strong vibration force can maximize the recovery of the liquid phase in the cuttings.

High-speed centrifuge

The high-speed centrifuge exhibited at this exhibition has faster rotation speed and higher separation accuracy, which can better meet the needs of users. The ultra-long drum length has higher processing effect.

During the exhibition, our company's equipment was widely held by customers at home and abroad. During the period, customers had a strong interest in the equipment exhibited by our company, and had friendly exchanges with our company personnel.

Sand pump

Drying sieve

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