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Development Status and Development Trend of Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screens

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1370

The first-level purification equipment of this solid control system when drilling fluid shaker is the most critical equipment in the solid control system. Understanding and mastering the status and development of drilling fluid vibrating screens and improving the theoretical research and design level of drilling fluid vibrating screens are of great significance for effectively reducing drilling costs and improving the overall economic benefits of drilling.
Development status of drilling fluid shaker:
The drilling fluid vibrating screen is characterized by high excitation force, translational movement, fine mesh, multi-layer screen, large processing capacity, and is developing towards energy saving and environmental protection. It is committed to low energy consumption and low noise, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1) Development of ultra-fine, high-strength, large-processing area screens of 200 mesh or more;
2) Screen box vibration forms are diversified, combined and can be adjusted at any time;
3) Minimize or avoid maintenance, replace and clamp the screen or adjust the screen tilt and other components hydraulic or pneumatic;
4) Develop a multifunctional vibrating screen that integrates sand remover and mud remover;
5) Begin to use with the automatic collection, detection and processing system of drilling fluid data.
Most of the drilling fluid shakers in China have leaked some common problems, such as:
1) The life of the screen is short, especially the fine mesh. The quality and service life of the ultrafine mesh screen need to be improved;
2) Some key components such as the vibration motor are of poor quality, which affects the use of the vibrating screen;
3) The adjustability of the vibrating screen is not good, and it cannot perform the best performance.
In the development of drilling fluid vibrating screens in China, the vibration amplitude and frequency should be appropriately increased to strengthen the research on ultrafine mesh vibrating screens to improve the adjustability of the vibrating screens.
Development Trend of Drilling Fluid Shaker:
1) Development towards large-scale: The large-scale drilling fluid vibrating screen is conducive to increasing the processing capacity, expanding the production scale, improving production efficiency, facilitating management, and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.
2) Development towards standardization, generalization and serialization: This is a way to facilitate design, organize professional production, ensure quality and reduce costs.
3) Development towards an ideal trajectory vibrating screen: The processing capacity per unit area of a drilling fluid vibrating screen under a certain screening efficiency depends largely on the trajectory of the screen.
4) Further reduce noise: The working noise of the drilling fluid vibrating screen is large, resulting in poor working conditions in the factory.
5) New form of vibration: The vibration motor of drilling fluid shaker will break through the traditional form of vibration, and adopt a new form of vibration to fundamentally solve some of the major problems currently difficult to solve with shaker.
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