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Popular science and technology of Ai Yi solid control equipment-common shapes and types of mud drilling fluid shaker

Release time: 2015/10/24 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1465

As a professional manufacturer of mud solid control equipment , Aiyi Machinery has a deep understanding and insights on the knowledge of solid control equipment. Today we will talk about the types and common shapes of drilling fluid shakers.
Drilling fluid vibrating screen is a conventional equipment used to separate solid phase from circulating drilling fluid. Mud drilling fluid vibrating screen has many shapes and types. Commonly used are:
1. Drilling fluid mud flows on a square or rectangular screen;
2. The drilling fluid mud flows along the center on a rotating, non-vibrating cylindrical screen.
3. The drilling fluid mud flows from the center to the surroundings on the circular screen.
Although other shapes of drilling fluid mud shakers have been tried out, they have not been commercialized. Most drilling fluid vibrating screens use rectangular screen cloths. Large particles of solid phase are removed at the bottom of the drilling fluid vibrating screen. Small-sized solid phases and drilling fluid flow through the screen of the mud vibrating screen to re-enter the circulation system. Solids larger than 74 micrometers in drilling fluids are disadvantageous to drilling fluids. The API 200 mesh vibrating screen is based on this. Only 3% of the weighting materials that meet the API classification criteria have a particle size greater than 74 microns. Under this size, most of the barite will be removed from the drilling fluid, which will seriously affect the drilling fluid performance and drilling cost.
Shaanxi Aiyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional solid control equipment manufacturer, capable of producing various drilling fluid vibrating screens, such as linear drilling fluid vibrating screens, elliptical drilling fluid vibrating screens, dual amplitude drilling fluid vibrating screens, and Derek drilling Liquid shaker, etc. If you have any questions and opinions about the solid control equipment, please contact us in time to communicate with us. The consultation hotline: 029-63611978.

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