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Purpose and significance of drilling fluid solid control system research (2)

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi News Views: 1580

The problems existing in China's existing solid control equipment and in-use solid control systems have not been able to meet some of the requirements of drilling fluid solid control technology. In the modern drilling process, which increasingly requires drilling quality, the quality of drilling fluid purification directly affects the drilling quality and drilling cost, and the high-quality drilling fluid solid control system plays an essential role.
In order to meet the needs of new drilling technology and drilling technology development and increase drilling speed:
The solid particles in the drilling fluid have a significant effect on the density, viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid, and these properties have a direct relationship with the hydraulic parameters, drilling speed, drilling cost and downhole conditions of the drilling fluid. Through a large number of experimental studies, people have concluded that the effect of drilling fluid-solid relative drilling speed has the following rules: The drilling speed decreases with the increase of solid phase content. A large number of research results have concluded that for each 1% decrease in solid phase content, the drilling speed can be at least Increase by 10%. Therefore, to improve drilling speed, it is necessary to improve the performance of solid control equipment and reduce the solid phase content in drilling fluid. In addition, reducing the solid phase content can also prevent drilling downhole accidents, protect the production layer, and ensure the quality of well walls, cementing quality, and the service life of subsequent equipment such as drilling pumps.
There are many problems in the solid control system currently in use in China, causing a large number of fine solid particles to exist in the drilling fluid circulation system, and the damage to the drilling speed and subsequent equipment is still relatively large. Therefore, to meet the needs of the development of drilling technology, Especially for the solid phase control of drilling fluid, a higher special technology and the implementation of complex wells (deep wells, ultra-deep wells, directional wells, horizontal wells, and underbalanced drilling) are proposed to improve the solids control level of drilling fluids. Performance, develop new drilling fluid solid control system and equipment to reduce solid phase content, increase drilling speed and reduce drilling cost.
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