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The processing capacity of drilling fluid shaker screen is related to those factors

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1472

In drilling operations, drilling fluid vibrating screens play a very important role in dealing with harmful solid phases. A two-good drilling fluid vibrating screen should have a large amount of drilling fluid processing capacity and high solid phase transport speed. Due to the complex factors, there is currently no mathematical model that can be used to predict the performance of arbitrary solid-phase transportation in a specific drilling fluid and the throughput of a drilling fluid shaker. Therefore, how to increase the processing capacity of the drilling fluid shaker screen has become a concern.
The processing capacity of general drilling fluid vibrating screens is related to two factors, permeability and screen area. The sieving capacity is the capacity of the fluid to pass through the screen surface. In short, it is the permeability of the sieving screen. The sieving capacity is calculated by the mesh number of the screen cloth and the diameter of the screen line. The more liquid there is, then we think that this screen is very effective for filtering harmful solid phases, and its permeability is good. As for the effective area of the drilling fluid vibrating screen, that is, the net unblocked area through which the screen can pass through the liquid. Some screen designs may be blocked by the backing plate and the bonding material, which may cause 40% of the total area of the screen cloth to be blocked. Clogging, so if the throughput of the screen cloth is to be considered, the screen area of the screen cloth is extremely important.
Therefore, we can see that, for the screen under stable conditions, if the above two screening factors are optimized, the screen of the drilling fluid vibrating screen will remove the harmful solid phase more efficiently.

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