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Four points of drilling fluid mud sand pump

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1439

Mud sand pump is used for conveying mud. It can be used as the feed pump for the sand remover and desilter of the two or three-level solid control equipment, or the mud sand pump of the jet mixing device. It can also be used as a perfusion pump for drilling rig mud sand pumps. The centrifugal mud pump should be selected in accordance with the liquid to be transported, and check the required performance, analyze the suction, discharge conditions, whether intermittent or continuous operation, etc. The centrifugal mud pump should generally be at or near the specific pressure and Flow condition operation.
When installing the mud pump should take the following as the benchmark:
1 The basic size, position and elevation should meet the design requirements. The anchor bolts must be correctly and accurately fixed on the concrete foundation. The machine should be free of missing parts, damage or corrosion.
2 According to the characteristics of the mud sand pump conveying medium, if necessary, check the main components, shaft seals and gasket materials,
3 The level of the mud sand pump should comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents. If there is no rule, it should be consistent with the provisions of the current national standard "General Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Mechanical Equipment Installation Engineering".
4. All pipes connected with mud sand pump body, pipe fitting installation and lubrication pipeline cleaning shall meet the requirements of relevant national standards.

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