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Requirements for shield mud purification treatment system

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi News Views: 1676

1. Shield mud purification system requirements for mud indicators (treatment results) In order to maintain the performance of the mud pump, reduce wear and reduce the resistance of the piping, the basic characteristics of the mud for slurry delivery are as follows:
Specific gravity of liquid: 1.10 ~ 1.25, viscosity: funnel viscosity 16 ~ 30. Sand content: 7% or less
2. Requirements for reliability The mud processing system is an important guarantee for the normal tunneling of the shield machine. The shield mud processing system must be foolproof during the construction of the shield machine to be 100% reliable. The reliability of this processing system is mainly manifested in several aspects:
(1) The reliability of the overall design, that is, the timeliness of slurry treatment and the adaptability of slurry quality;
(2) Rich configuration of processing capacity, including the backup of the complete equipment and spare parts and the reserve function of the sedimentation tank;
(3) The reliability of the performance, quality, and service life of the equipment itself; Fourth, each group of equipment is switched through the piping system and the valve group, and they are used as backups for each other.
3. Integration of the control system The circulation of mud water between the shield machine and the mud water treatment system is realized by the mud water conveying system. The soil and sand excavated by the shield machine enters the cutting bin, and the high-density mud water after being stirred is pumped by the mud water pump. It is sent to the mud water treatment system for treatment in the mud water treatment field. The separated mud water is pumped back to the excavated surface after adjusting the density, viscosity and other indicators, and so on.

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