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Purpose and Significance of Research on Drilling Fluid Solid Control System

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1791

Drilling fluid solid phase control technology is the key to ensure the implementation of normal drilling technology. It has become an important factor that directly affects safe, high-quality, fast drilling and protection of oil and gas layers, and is one of the important means to achieve modern drilling.
With the increasing depth and difficulty of drilling, the formations encountered are becoming more and more complex, and some new drilling technology technologies continue to emerge, especially the exploitation of some special formations and special process wells, the use of advanced downhole tools, oil and gas layer protection, and wellbore wall stability The requirements for solids control technology for drilling fluids are becoming higher and higher, but the existing solid control equipment and problems in the solid control system in China have not been able to meet these requirements. Therefore, it plays an indispensable role in modern drilling engineering with increasing requirements for drilling quality. What are the main purposes and significance of the study on drilling fluid solid control system?
Solve the problems of the current drilling fluid solid control system and improve the level of drilling fluid solid control:
The content of modern drilling fluid solid phase control technology mainly includes solid control equipment and solid control technology. The performance and quality of solid control equipment are the key to solid phase control technology. The solid control equipment mainly includes drilling fluid shaker, vacuum deaerator, drilling fluid sand remover, drilling fluid desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge. These equipment can optionally be equipped with drilling fluid solid-phase control system according to the requirements of drilling engineering. Although the solid phase content can be controlled below 5%, the low-density performance of drilling fluid can also be adjusted as required, which can meet the drilling solid-control to a certain extent. Requirements, but at the same time increase the site maintenance, maintenance, use and workload consumption of the well team, the complexity of the system leads to low reliability performance, therefore, the development can not only meet the increasing requirements of solid control, but also simplify the structure, The new solid control system for maintenance and repair is the basic requirement for the development of solid control equipment at home and abroad.
Rig and solid control system on site

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