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Protection of vulnerable parts in solid control equipment

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1489

The solid control equipment itself is completed by many equipments. The development trend of solid control equipment in China is very stable, because the solid control equipment is an important device in the solid phase control of oil drilling. It is inevitable that there will be failures, so let ’s talk about what components are in the failure of solid control equipment. What are the reasons and solutions for these problems.
Drilling fluid vibrating screen for fragile parts of drilling fluid vibrating screenSometimes, the drilling fluid vibrating screen may fail to run drilling fluid. This is mainly because the displacement of the drilling fluid is greater than the load of the vibrating screen, the viscosity of the drilling fluid is too high, and the screen size of the vibrating screen The fine leakage cannot be continued or a large amount of fibrous material is mixed in the drilling fluid during plugging, which affects the leakage of the drilling fluid. It may also be because the sieve cloth is not cleaned in time after the drilling starts and the cycle is stopped. It's a mess. Only when we use these problems in time in daily use can we stop them from happening.
The fragile parts of the sand remover and mud remover Sometimes the swirl funnel of the sand remover or mud remover in the solid control equipment is blocked and the equipment cannot be used. The reason is that the mud shaker is not used reasonably or The screen is damaged, followed by the screen of the sand removal pump and the mud removal pump is not equipped with a filter screen, large particles of debris into the swirl funnel, causing blockage. Therefore, we must ensure that the installation position is reasonable and the installation components are complete when using it.
When the solid control equipment is in use, the drilling fluid mixer is often a damaged device. The main reasons are that the drilling fluid has high density, high viscosity, and low mixer power during use, which leads to overloaded use and cannot maintain continuous operation. This can also be caused if the maintenance and lubrication and installation are not reasonable enough. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the equipment, and the normal operation method can be exchanged for the normal use efficiency.
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