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Design principle of composite drilling fluid shaker

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1440

Theoretical analysis and practice show that the overflow of drilling fluid vibrating screen at the inlet of the screen is the largest, there is an inlet to the outlet, and there is less and less in the drilling fluid. At the outlet, basically only solid phase cuttings remain. Already. As a drilling fluid vibrating screen, after the liquid phase is filtered and recovered by the screen, the cuttings convective on the sieve surface need to be sent out of the sieve surface at a large conveying speed without excessive throwing index, that is, in the The throwing index at the exit should be appropriately reduced. Existing drilling fluid vibrating screens, such as linear screens, circular sun screens, and flat elliptical screens, because the motion of the screen box is flat east, that is, the motion trajectory, conveying speed and throwing index of each point of the screen box are the same. Conducive to the separation and transportation of drilling fluid. Weak countries increase their processing capacity by increasing the throwing index, which will impress the life of screens, shakers, and even drilling fluid shakers. In order to improve the working efficiency of drilling fluid shaker, the trajectory shaker will be fully utilized.
When designing a biaxially excited self-synchronizing linear vibrating screen, if the line of excitation force is guaranteed to pass through the center of mass of the screen box, the screen box can be translated. The action line of the weak country does not pass through the center of mass of the sieve box. What is going to happen to the movement of the sieve box? Drilling fluid shaker is a complex spatial multi-degree-of-freedom system. In order to simplify the research, the lateral rocking vibration of this medicine is ignored, and it is treated as a linear vibration problem from a rigid beam in the plane of symmetry. Therefore, the motion of any point on the screen box is the flat east of the screen center of mass and the screen box's pitch around the center of mass. Swing composition.

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