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Blade optimization of mud agitator

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1459

In drilling fluid processing equipment, how do you choose an excellent mud agitator? A good mud agitator should have a solid structure, solid and reliable, reasonable size and compactness, and its aspect ratio should be close to 1: 1, so The mud agitator has a low center and good stability, and it is safer when the impeller encounters an instantaneous impact load.
In order to make the mud agitator in the mud tank uniform, when the blades of the impeller are inclined at 60 degrees, the axial and radial flow rates are equal. When the liquid touches the blade, it is forced to move down to the bottom of the tank and then return upward along the tank wall. This movement continuously mixes the mud at the top and bottom to make the mud in the various parts of the tank have the same concentration. When the mud is pumped into the well, this helps eliminate operational difficulties caused by uneven light and heavy mud.
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