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Drilling fluid shaker and mud cleaner ready for shipment

Release time: 2016/08/23 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1799

After a month of hard work, our company has completed the production of drilling fluid shakers and mud cleaners required by customers. prepare for shipment

The custom-made drilling fluid vibrating screen model is Hunter-MG4, which is equipped with 4 pieces of composite frame screen. The fast tensioning method of the screen has been approved by the user and it is more convenient during use. Hunter-MG4 is also selected as the mud cleaner underflow screen.

The main features of drilling fluid shaker are as follows:

Model: Hunter-MG4

Vibration trajectory: translational ellipse

Excitation strength:> 7G

Screen area: Screen area: about 2.72 square meters

Capacity: 140m³ / hour

The motor is a Martin motor, and the surface of the vibrating screen needs to be galvanized.

Mud cleaner

The mud cleaner parameters are as follows:

Model: Hunter200

Cyclone: 16 × 4 ″, 2 × 10 ″

Underflow Shaker: Hunter-MG4

Capacity: 200m³ / h

Excitation strength:> 7G

Surface treatment: Galvanized

Drilling fluid shaker

The custom-made drilling fluid vibrating screen and the underflow screen of the mud cleaner require that the vibrating screen track is a translational ellipse, and the surface treatment process requires complete galvanization.

Surface galvanizing is a brand new requirement, and it is a brand new challenge for us. Our company adheres to the principle of customer first, quality first, strict requirements, and after unremitting efforts, finally completed the surface plating as required. Zinc treatment has completed the production of the equipment, passed the customer's acceptance, and is ready to be shipped.

According to the different technical requirements of customers, Aiqi Solid Control provides customers with high-quality products and thoughtful services.

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