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Mud funnel is ready to go

Release time: 2016/09/10 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1313

This time, there are only two custom-made mud hoppers, but this is the third time for the customer to place an order, which fully demonstrates the customer's trust and affirmation of our products.

Mixing device

Mud funnel

The composition of the mud funnel:

Mud funnel is a jet ejector device designed by combining the venturi tube with the original jet nozzle and funnel. It has a simple structure and strong feasibility.

The role of the mud funnel:

Mud funnel is mainly used to configure drilling fluid, change drilling fluid density, viscosity, dehydration, etc. It is one of the special oilfield equipment for aggravating drilling fluid. The mud hopper is equipped with sand pumps and pipelines to form a drilling fluid mixing device.

Aiyi Machinery is committed to the research and development, production and sales of drilling mud purification systems and equipment, and designs and produces according to customer requirements.

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