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Surface treatment process of mud tank

Release time: 2016/02/19 Ai Yi News Views: 1814

在整套固控系统中起着循环泥浆、储存和维护泥浆性能的作用。 The mud tank plays the role of circulating mud, storing and maintaining mud performance in the whole solid control system. The mud contains a large number of chemical reagents, which will cause corrosion to the mud tank and affect the life of the mud tank. In order to save the customer's use cost, choosing a high standard and strict anti-corrosion process will become the first prerequisite for each customer to choose a solid control complete system. . Aiyi Machinery strictly implements API's standardized operation of equipment used in the oil and gas mining and drilling industry. Specialized personnel are responsible for controlling rust removal, spraying and other operations to ensure that each link and each device can meet the requirements for use.

First of all, according to the API's requirements for rust removal of the materials used in the equipment, Aiyi Machinery chose shot blasting technology to ensure the blasting effect:

1. Treatment of surface roughness of mud tank. Through shot blasting, the material can achieve a certain degree of finish, which meets the requirements of the equipment;

2. Pretreatment before spraying on the surface of the mud tank. Through shot blasting, the surface of the material has a certain roughness, and the adhesion is enhanced, so that the sprayed layer can better protect the base material of the equipment.

表面的处理。 3. Treatment of the surface of the mud tank . Treatment of oxide layer and rust layer on the surface of the material by shot blasting, and achieve Sa3 level requirements through standard template comparison;

Secondly, strictly implement the spraying requirements and timely treatment. According to the API's requirements for rust prevention, timely spraying within 2 hours after sandblasting of the mud tank. Aiyi Machinery strictly controls and chooses three spraying processes: bottom, middle and surface:

1. Select epoxy zinc-rich primer, use high-level requirements in the industry, high adhesion, corrosion resistance, strong water resistance, three sprays to ensure the bottom layer treatment;

2. Use epoxy mica iron lacquer, high hardness and strong durability;

3. Polyurethane topcoat is used, which has strong oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and durability.

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