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Delivery of vertical drilling fluid mud mixer

Release time: 2016/04/15 Ai Yi NewsViews : 2136

Nine 7.5Kw vertical drilling fluid mud mixers are tested and ready to be shipped.

Vertical Mud Mixer

7.5Kw mud drilling fluid agitator with helical gear

This batch of mud agitators is characterized by a vertical structure and a helical gear reducer. The vertical mud drilling fluid mixer is characterized by a small footprint and simple maintenance. The helical gear reducer matched with the agitator has a long service life; it has high double torque efficiency and high life gears, with foot mounting, flange mounting and shaft mounting types; good economy, gear torque, and bearing life The strength of the fuselage structure is calculated using computer detection technology. The stirring rods, blades and flanges of this batch of mud mixers are all made of 304 stainless steel according to customer requirements.
Vertical drilling fluid mud agitator

Structure and detail drawing of mud stirrer helical gear

The 7.5Kw drilling fluid mud agitator produced by Aiyi Machinery has good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation, and is suitable for complex conditions such as field drilling projects. Its external dimensions are: 1160x680x610 (mm), and can be lengthened or shortened according to the actual needs of the site. The stirring rod of the agitator; the agitating blade can also be changed according to the needs of the actual medium; under the condition that the solid-liquid ratio of the drilling fluid is constant, the Ai APJBQ series drilling fluid mud agitator has greater stirring strength and a wider range than similar products. Wide, high performance advantages; Ai Mu mud drilling fluid agitator using a well-known domestic manufacturers of motor, the speed after the speed reducer is 60 / 72rpm; the agitator is easy to remove and install and maintain.
Mixer's stirring rod

Stainless steel stir bar

Aiyi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud mixers. We independently design and produce solid control equipment suitable for different environments and working conditions. If you need it, please consult us.

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