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How to increase the service life of mud shaker

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1565

No matter how good the mud shaker is, if it is not handled properly during use, it will likely reduce its normal service life. Especially for the mine vibrating screen, because the mud vibrating screen has a special working environment and is prone to problems during operation, its maintenance is more important.
Before starting work, we must check it carefully.
First of all, make sure that the oil level is moderate. Too high oil level will cause difficulty in operation of the exciter due to excessive temperature. Similarly, too low oil level may cause damage to bearings and other components.
Secondly, we should pay attention to some details. Don't underestimate any screw. If one screw is loose, the machine may be damaged or the consequences will be more serious. Retighten the screws at regular intervals under normal circumstances to prevent them from happening. Whether it is a mud shaker, a linear mud shaker, an elliptical translational mud shaker, or a stainless steel shaker and a mine shaker, their operation is inseparable from bearings. The bearings here must work in a dusty environment every day. Will wear out faster than usual. This requires us to add lubricants to the bearings every 60 days or so to ensure that the bearings are not wet and dry, thereby increasing their practical life.
Finally, let's talk about the vibrating screen, that is, the maintenance and replacement of the vibrating motor. The vibrating motor is the core component of the vibrating screen. Without the vibrating motor, it will not be called a mud vibrating screen. After using the mud shaker every time, it is necessary to develop a good habit of cleaning up. Do not let the heat-seal window of the vibration motor be closed. Before starting, check whether the vibration of the vibration motor is abnormal. If you need to replace the vibration motor, you must choose the matching vibration equipment to avoid damaging other parts of the vibration screen.
The application field of the vibrating screen has become wider and wider. Although the vibrating screen is not a too high-tech product, the failure rate of this product is higher than some traditional mechanical equipment. It is thought that the role of the vibrating screen is to use vibration failure mechanics to give People bring a convenient device. Aiyi Machinery reminds the users to develop a good habit of regularly maintaining the mud shaker, and to find and solve problems in time.
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