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Transmission form of drilling fluid agitator

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1491

The transmission structure of drilling fluid agitator is mainly composed of motor, reduction gear, coupling and agitating shaft. There are not many forms of drilling fluid agitator in solid control equipment. It is mainly divided into the following types:
1. Gear transmission structure Mud mixer with gear transmission structure. Its advantages are high transmission efficiency, but its disadvantages are large volume and inconvenient maintenance. There are manufacturers in China. Gear transmission is also divided into direct transmission and belt transmission.
2. Mud mixer with bevel gear transmission and bevel gear transmission. Its advantages are simple structure, but many disadvantages. For example, due to the limitation of the transmission ratio, to obtain a drilling fluid mixer with a low speed, a large deceleration must be done through the belt. This structure is rare in drilling fluid agitators.
3. Cycloidal gear transmission Cycloidal gear transmission and rarely used in drilling fluid agitator. In addition to poor reliability, the entire device is too high and easily damaged during moving, so it is rarely used now.
4. Worm gear and worm gear are the most used at present. Because it is a direct drive, it has a simple structure, a large transmission ratio, and high reliability. It is most commonly used in drilling fluid mud agitators. The drilling fluid imported from the United States is halved and it is almost all directly driven by worm gears. Worm gear and worm belt transmission structure, although large in size, has the characteristics of soft transmission, which is very good for protecting motor overload. Therefore, more and more users in China are only using it.

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