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Mud mixer application concept

Release time: 2015/11/11 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1734

The mud agitator is part of the mud solid control system. The mud agitator is designed to mix the mud so that drill cuttings and mud are not deposited on the bottom of the mud tank in order to smoothly pass through the purification system.

Its main function is to suspend solid phase particles in drilling fluid. Drilling cuttings are a major component of the harmful solid phase. To remove harmful solid phases, they must be suspended and then injected into a desilter, desilter and centrifuge to achieve this. The useful solid phase, as well as a small amount of bentonite, also need to be suspended uniformly to keep the density and other properties of the drilling fluid stable. Therefore, it is required that the drilling fluid agitator can work continuously and reliably to avoid precipitation in the solid phase.

The mud mixer is composed of a transmission device, a stirring shaft and a stirring impeller.

The stirrer installed on the circulation tank is an important device. Strictly speaking, once put into operation, it should be kept for a long time to ensure the uniformity and swirling performance of the drilling fluid and the normal operation of the centrifuge. The agitator that was initially used was also completely used in the chemical system, without considering the characteristics of drilling and drilling fluids.

Mud Mixer

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