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AIPU successfully develops Hunter-C4 new mud shaker

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi News Views: 1999

Innovation is the driving force behind the continuous development and growth of enterprises, and Ai has always followed this criterion.
Hunter series mud shaker is the main product of Aiyi. Following the successful development of the Hunter-D3B drilling fluid shaker, Aiyi's technical department has successfully developed a new type of Hunter-C4 mud shaker and has achieved good influence and praise at the exhibition.
The Hunter-C4 mud shaker developed by AIPU has the following advantages:
1. Large processing capacity. The Hunter-C4 mud shaker consists of 4 screens, which solves the problem that the current vibrating screen on the construction site is small and the processing capacity cannot reach the treatment effect.
2. Compact structure. The Hunter-C4 mud shaker is composed of 4 sieves, but the 4 sieves are arranged separately above and below and divided into 2 layers. This solves the space problem and makes the Hunter-C4 mud shaker fully adapt to the mud currently used in the market. tank. It does not cause the vibrating screen to be placed on a mud tank because of its large size.
3. Advanced design. A gate valve is installed at the bottom of the logging tank. If an abnormal situation occurs and the vibrating screen cannot completely handle the mud, the gate valve can be opened to divert the vibrating screen to avoid abnormal construction.
4. Easy operation. At the construction site, the mud worker should adjust the angle of the vibrating screen. The Hunter-C4 drilling fluid vibrating screen adopts an adjustable alloy bracket. The bracket is engraved with a scale and is flexible in operation.
5. Advanced preparation. The screen adopts the best composite frame screen currently used in the market. The screen has the advantages of long life and good treatment effect. In addition, the motor and electronic control are all internationally renowned brands, which can be replaced at will.

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